My Thought Systems

I am a human being in the world. This is where my discourse begins and ends. This means that all my thought systems feed into this facticity of existence – that I am first and last a human being in the world. Being human in the world is an inescapable fact to us all and in order to develop our thinking to be in accordance with the Truth,we need to keep this fact in mind.

My thought systems are simply individual spaces in which I have devoted contemplation time and writing energies.Each system reflects a particular situation. A ‘thinking hat’, if you will. Hence, each system will be differently relevant to different people. My thought systems are as follows:

Quranology (QG for short): This is my personal engagement with Quran, the divine text of the Muslims. I engage with Quran as a human being to produce a reading relevant to my existence – an existential reading as opposed to a religious one. My QG research may be found

Existology: These are my thoughts and contributions to the conversation in the field of Philosophy. I use the term ‘existology’ because I believe that philosophy must engage with the facticity of existence for it to be truly philosophical. They may be found on this Twitter hashtag.

Person Al-Islam: These are my thoughts on being Muslim and belonging to the world of Islam. I have a particular cultural rooting in this identity matrix and this set of writings contain thoughts on what that identity means to me as a person, hence the name ‘Person Al-Islam’ (wordplay to mean ‘personal Islam’ for each Islamic experience is inescapably  personal). The Person Al-Islam blog may be found here.

PoBeing: These are my writings in the field of self actualisation. PoBeing is short for ‘Paradigms of Being’. Within this umbrella, I am developing courses which I hope to teach ‘live’ or through webinars. At present, small disclosures of these concepts may be found on this Twitter hashtag

Quranist Islam: These are my writings concerning a particular identity within the world of Islam. Quranist Islam is an Islamic denomination which rejects Traditional authority in religion. We interpret the Quran for ourselves because we feel that we may be able to reach a more authentic expression of faith. My writings on Quranist Islam may be found here.

Being Malaysia:  This is where I archive my writings on Malaysian issues. Malaysia is my country of origin and I am very passionate about its culture and politics. The title ‘being Malaysia’ (instead of ‘being MalaysiaN’) alludes to the fact that collective existence is what makes that land ‘Malaysia’. We are Malaysia. My writings may be found here.